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A professional in the field of teaching the techniques of photography and Adobe Photoshop Les is now retired and enjoys photography as a passionate hobby. He has a love for the landscapes, wildlife and fauna of the British Isles and portraying them sometimes with a graphical artistic approach rather than a recorder of the scene. 

His biggest inspiration for his landscapes is from British artists such as Turner and Constable rather than other photographers. He tries to reflect that in the composition of his landscapes but he also has a love of exploring all methods of photography and image processing giving a broader palette than the confines of being a pure landscape photographer and as late Wildlife Photography capturing the life around his home village and the nearby Cannock Chase Forest has become his biggest passion.

He is in retirement to working professionally due to a complex diabetic condition and also being a full time carer for his two autistic twin daughters. His photography and playing guitar are two escapes from the restrictions of his disability along with his sense of humour. His motto to life is: "You only have one life in my book, make the most of your capabilities and keep smiling!”.

Currently when time and health allow him to do so he engages in some voluntary teaching with a falconer at Lea Marston Events in the the Midlands UK. Here he teaches people the art of photographing trained raptors that provide provide great static and flying shots in some beautiful natural woodland and countryside. This has produced his most successful photo of his career when he caught two Barn Owls in a pose kissing each other. Their heads formed a heart shape and the pure magic of the image caught both the media and the publics eye. It has won nearly 1,000 awards and competitions on sites such as Viewbug and Gurushots, it’s appeared in most of the top British National Newspapers on online news sites including The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Express and it has achieved viral likes and shares on media sites such as Facebook . He also created and Edits a free photography magazine that can be seen at www.phototrain.co.uk 

For a larger Gallery of my photography click the link https://www.flickr.com/photos/lesarnott/

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