Cannock Chase Skies

It’s very hard for me and the wife to get out the house after school times our daughters 8 year old twin girls have severe autism and development delay and need 100% care just recently we have a centre who give us one day a month respite giving the girls an over night stay. So being childless and feeling a little strange we decided to spend an evening over Cannock Chase to see if we could catch a sunset shot quite a rarity for us! We also had a friend in company and the night nearly didn’t happen the skies was grey and bland we watched a movie together in the house and got engrossed into a "Million Ways to Die in the West” lol what a great film I’m still laughing! So after that we half heartedly decided to venture out and see if things would change and I’m glad to say as the evening passed we witnessed one awesome sky surrounted by rutting Fallow Deer that was being very vocal all around us. 

Took at around 5.15pm and there is a glimpse of hope for better things to come but still some grey clouds around.

As the time went by the sky improved with the cloud clearing all began to look magic this tree being a favourite of mine it made a fit foreground subject  for that sky beyond. I think this was my personal favourite. 

The Fallow Deer are rutting here at the moment and we seen many and heard lots of Bucks throwing out there bellows in competition with each other. I never had a suitable lens for any great shots but I quite like this one despite it’s blurred as I panned them as they moved at a setting on the camera that was meant for a landscape shot they appeared from nowhere and ran alongside me. Shot with just a 70mm lens no crop it’s no contest winner but it just captures the magic of the evening.

And the skies continued too shine :)

And just the to end the day this shot was took as we drove back across Brocton Common and although it looks like broad daylight on the shot it was actually only just possible to see the deer from the car window but the Canon 1Dx does what it’s best at in the high ISO and shooting at ISO 10,000 I pulled a shot out the bag to record the moment.

© Les Arnott 2013