Northumberland & Scottish Borders

Travelling on holidays gets harder these days as our 9 year old twins have a severe autistic condition which makes travelling long distances and stopping in a location that is twin proof from destruction is getting harder as they get older! :) 

However the location we stopped at last week was a lovely farm cottage in Paxton (above) very close to the Scottish Border and Berwick-on-Tweed. It’s also located to two very special places I love to photograph Lindisfarne and further north just across the border the beautiful fishing village and harbour of St. Abbs.

Most of my photography during the week was basically done with my Canon 1Dx DSLR and my 16-24mm L Series wide-angle lens which is the business for landscape photography. With the children present wildlife photography is hard to say the least they can scare a bull from 400 paces bless them but I did take my Canon 7D Mk2 DSLR and a L Series 400mm prime incase! However what wildlife I did snap was mainly of the birds around the garden at the cottage with a Compact Bridge camera a Canon Powershot SX 60 which is a great little camera when a powerful zoom is required having a 65 X zoom it managed some nice shots of the Swifts, House Martins and Sparrows around. (below)


One of the first locations we visited was St Abbs which is a lovely fishing village with rocky beaches and harbour as you can see from the shots below. All with the 1Dx and  Canon 16-24mm lens.



We made a few trips to Lindisfarne and great to say all times produced great weather and skies for photography. Again the 1Dx partnered with the L series 16-24mm lens.


A few shots local to where we stayed

Above: A shot of the Starlings that roosted close to the cottage everynight. A great sight to see so many birds perfoming ballet in the skies. Took with the Canon 7D MK2 and L series 400mm prime.

Above: The River Tweed in the grounds of Paxton House near the boathouses 

Above: An Avenue of trees alongside the River Tweed at the bottom right lies one of the boathouses owned by Paxton House

Above: The River Tweed

Above: Paxton House

© Les Arnott 2013