The Canon 7D Mk II Reviews

Really looking forward to using the new Canon 7D MK II when it comes out in late November here are a few reviews below before the release for myself I’m hoping it will get me that bit closer with my 500mm lens for nature shots I cannot expect it to have the same dynamic range my 1Dx delivers but nice to get those extra pixels with a crop sensor for the smaller wildlife and birds. The 7D was never an option for me as the noise wasn’t brilliant in the higher ISO’s for my liking but the new model from the reports I’ve seen are looking good in this area and the autofus system is the same almost as my 1Dx that is outstanding for the price of the model and I say almost, infact it’s improved from the 1Dx with every single focus point being cross point incredible for fast moving wildlife and sports shots. All looking good on paper and reviews cannot wait to get my hands round one :)

Love the work in this first review give me those locations!!! Grrr :D

The second video love or hate Scott Kelby he’s a top man and this really shows his feelings about the camera

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