Update to What’s Going Down!


It’s been a while since I have posted a blog and a lot has happened since my last! Lots of more locations covered, new equipment, quite a few photography awards on various photography groups and an interview on the site AfterRaw by top Australian photographer Thierry of Nomad Photography. I must admit it was a welcome and surprising thing to have thrown at me from a top aussie photographer and I enjoyed answering the questions and submitting some work for display. Take a look at the article here http://www.afterraw.com/les-arnott-photographer-wizard/ 
Another thing I’m now working on is I’ve been reinstated witth New Color the hugely popular Facebook Photography Group as an administrator and it’s lovely to work along some great people and to help get the group more organised. It’s a wonderful group with over 13,000 worldwide members if your a facebook photo freak check us out. Also I continue my Admin work with the Simply My World Photo and Art Group alongside my lovely wife Sally and Angel Wheller the creator of this friendly and talentated group. A big admiration for the talents of the members in both cases and a thumbs up to you guys you are the tops!


Gearwise I’m now using a 70D as backup too my Canon 1Dx and as most people who know me it’s very common for me to have 2 cameras round my neck I hate changing camera lenses and missing  photo opportunities so a good second camera is always with me. However I’m being gifted the new Canon 7D MK 2 which looks stunning on paper and the reviews I have read so that will be replacing the 70D as soon as it comes onto the market in November. The more robust body will also be a blessing as it now sports the same weatherproofing as the 1Dx and in the UK that’s welcome for our weather! It’s nice to have a good perfomer for the 500mm with that crop sensor as I get the extra magnification from the lens than I do with the 1Dx although the 1Dx has the advantages when the light is not so good or fast shutter sppeds are paramount.


I’ve just spent 3 days checking out my local herd of wild Red Deer. I’ve been watching these beauties since my teens (a very long time!). They are just starting to rut and the leader of the pact is a lovely 13 point antlered Stag. Here’s a few shots and art pieces I have created over the last week.

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