Wedding Shoot

Been a while since I did a wedding so nice to be asked to cover a friends wedding at a local venue. It was tough work working in a position with the subjects in front of windows throwing a lot of backlight in otherwise quite a dimly lit room. I didn’t really want to use flash photography I prefer to use natural light so I used quite a high ISO using the Canon 1Dx an area the camera performs exceptionally well in. I also used used the Canon 7D MKII to record video inside the building and for a few external shots.  

On the 1Dx I used mainly these settings ISO 1000 at F6.3 giving me a speeds of around 1/125th second or there about in Aperture Priority. It’s rare I use manual on the 1Dx as I find it quicker to work in AV and just use the thumb on the rear dial to compensate if required.

Here are just a few of the shots.

The Bride Cheryl.

The Bride and Groom. Cheryl and Carl Jones.


Having signed the Certificates

The Ring

One of the young guests trying the cake for size!

During the ceremony

One of my twin Daughters (Who both played bridesmaids) Sarah Jane at the reception. For the reception I switched to using a pair of off board Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite  with the Canon flash commander. In this shot I just used the one off board flash head.

Another young guest at the reception

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